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To give NYC children the quality education they deserve, we need to end school overcrowding and reduce class size. Unfortunately, 38 percent of students attend schools in overcrowded buildings. And many neighborhoods are experiencing an explosion of new residential development which has not been matched by a corresponding increase in public schools.

This November, the Department of Education (DOE) and the School Construction Authority (SCA) will propose a new five-year school capital plan. This document will spell out the City’s plans for new school construction over the next five years.

If we want parents – and their employers — to continue investing their futures in NYC, this new capital plan must plan ahead to serve our schoolchildren well for years to come.

Though the final plan will not be adopted until June, parents, educators, advocates and elected officials are uniting now to call on the Mayor and Chancellor to propose a capital plan that meets the needs of our City’s growing population by making three fundamental, but far-reaching, reforms: the ABC’s of A Better Capital Plan:

A. Address existing overcrowding and reduce class size, by providing the room for the city’s state-mandated class-size reduction plan: 20 students per class in K-3 and 23 in all other grades.

B. Be proactive and plan ahead to add schools as neighborhoods grow.

C. Correct the way capacity is calculated so that schools are able to regain their lost art rooms and other critical spaces.

Join our campaign! Sign our postcard to the Mayor and Chancellor, attend upcoming events, and find out other ways you can help. Together, we can create the educational system our children deserve.

Download a one-page PDF version of this page to distribute.


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